Supreme Detox in Cluj

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Looking for a refreshing start to detox your body? Supreme Detox from Cluj is the perfect choice! Our specially created cocktail of Asian oils offers a unique and effective way to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, support metabolism and relieve your body of the feeling of extra weight.

This powerful combination of natural ingredients is designed to help you achieve a stronger metabolism, increase energy levels and increase overall well-being. Our experts have carefully selected the best Asian oils to create a formula that provides deep revitalization and rejuvenation for your body and mind.

Supreme Detox from Cluj is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a natural and effective way to promote health and well-being. Whether you want to start a healthier lifestyle or simply want to feel better and more energetic, our detox program is the ideal solution.

Our detox process is simple and easy to follow, making it accessible to everyone. With regular use, you will begin to notice a significant improvement in your overall health and well-being, including increased energy, improved digestion, and a more youthful appearance.

So why wait? Give your body the gift of detoxification and start feeling better today with Supreme Detox from Cluj! Our cocktail of Asian oils offers a unique and powerful way to boost your metabolism, revitalize your body and achieve optimal health and well-being. Try it now and experience the benefits for yourself!

Monday - Thursday 13:00 - 21:00;
Friday 09:00 - 21:00;
Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 20:00.

Experience Rules

- skin lesions – recent or open wounds;
- dermatological condition (dermatitis, folliculitis, eczema, mycosis, etc.);
- severe trauma;
- contusions;
- recent burns through thermal, physical or chemical agents;
- solar erythema;
- bacterial skin infections (follicles, furunculosis, colorless green vitiliazis, candidiasis, dermatitis or dermatosis);
- muscle strains;
- muscular hematomas;
- severe or drawling arthritis;
- women during the first three months of pregnancy;
- thick varicose veins and venous leg ulcer;
- respiratory failure;
- cancer;
- diseases with skin manifestation (psoriasis);
- severe civic diseases (psychosis or psychopathy).

Cluj-Napoca - Str. Emil Racoviță Nr.5
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