Trascau Mountains Trip - Remet Area

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Helicopter flights are operated all year round, from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week, in any season, the only requirement being a minimum visibility of 800m and a cloud ceiling. Any flight requires prior appointment and we recommend that the appointment is made as early as possible. The main breaks when the engine shuts down are not calculated at the total flight time.

It is highly recommended that every person should have at least one thick coat, raincoat and suitable road shoes - as comfortable as possible. Excursions to tourist attractions that are visited throughout the journey are made under the customer's own responsibility.

The price does not include entries to tourist attractions or food.

Duration: 9:00—17:00.

Transportation: helicopter only, with 4 uncounted main breaks (3 main landmarks and lunch break).

Difficulty degree: easy for all ages or medium if desired to walk through Turzii Gorge or Ramet Gorge.

Short breaks that can be taken on the route (recommended, up to 5 minutes for pictures, only if desired, without the possibility of stopping the engine, i.e. these pauses will automatically add the total flight time, they are optional and are chosen directly by the customer):
- Tureni Gorge, Ramet Gorge, the Monastery of Trasca and the Castle of Trasca (recommended minimum: 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 minutes);
- flyover the Borzesti Gorge and the Ciucas Waterfall.

4 main breaks not connected to total flying time:
- Turzii Gorge or Ramet Gorge (visit), Ramet Monastery (visit), Coltesti (lunch), Turda Salt Mine (visit).

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