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The tandem bike offers you one of the most pleasant ways to spend memorable moments with another person: boyfriend/ girlfriend, friend, husband/ wife, family member or colleague.

The tandem bike is a unique experience, which combines the pleasure of riding a bike with the joy of being with someone important in your life.

What ingredients do you need for a memorable tandem bike experience? Stunning view, smooth road and to be with a dear person. It helps you develop the relationship with your cycling partner, to find the "chemistry" between you.

The tandem bicycle cements the friendship between the two cycling partners. It gives them the opportunity to talk, to get to know each other better and requires them to have good coordination in their movements.

It gets all the attention and allows you to take great photos and videos.

In the park, in the city, outside the cities, in the forest or on less traveled roads, the tandem bicycle is a special experience compared to what you have experienced so far.

We have chosen to rent Electra brand tandem bicycles. They are top bikes from a premium brand in the United States. Electra bikes have an elegant design, quality components and are easy to drive and maneuver. The bikes have a distinct blue color - aqua and a classic look, which attracts all eyes like a magnet. They are easy to ride, we even had clients who rode over 30 km in one day.

It is impossible not to have fun on a premium
and chic tandem bike. You just have to decide who you want to ride with, when to schedule the trip and you are ready to go on a tandem bike trip.

In Bucharest, Ploiesti and Campina the service of bringing and taking the bicycle is included in the tandem bicycle rental rate.

We only have to establish together where you want to ride and for how long, to know where to bring the bike and from where to pick it up.

The tandem bike rental service includes the following optional accessories:
- retro basket attached to the front. You can use it to transport snacks and picnic drinks in a wonderful way. Or use the basket for the picked flowers. Or whatever you want.
- we offer you cool protective helmets, of various sizes;
- and because every little detail makes a difference, we make sure that our tandem bikes have the cutest accessories. What accessories does a bicycle have? Horn, of course. Ever since we were little we wanted to have the most beautiful horn so we fulfilled a wish. We found the most beautiful horns here. Cruf Horns for Bikes are made in Romania, with vegan materials - cruelty free. They are hand-made horns, whose design you will fall in love with.
Fun fact: Did you think that tandem bikes are only for romantic rides? Two brave ladies rode around the world on a tandem bicycle in 263 days, setting a new record in this category. There were other brave people who did this tour.

The tandem bike took them through 25 countries and covered 29,391 km. The cyclists had to face the heat wave in Europe, the monsoons in Asia, the fire in Australia and, in order to get back to England, they caught the last ferry before closing the borders due to the coronavirus.

If a tandem bike can go through so many adventures, it means it's time for you to try it too.

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Tandem Bike in Bucharest

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