Individual family constellations with symbolic objects

Available months: Jan-Dec
2 Hours

The goal of individual systemic constellation sessions with symbolic objects is to make peace with the past, to get out of the family unconsciousness in which we are trapped by love and blind loyalty.
We will discover what baggage and patterns we repeat and carry with us from childhood.

What do we need to face, elaborate, integrate and let go?

To begin we need to clarify and develop our autonomy, we need to examine the relationship we have with our family and begin to re-establish a good relationship with our parents.
Every family, for generations, passes on joy and sorrow, blessings and curses to their offspring. Often, what was not dealt with by our ancestors is passed on to the heirs, the children, who are given the "obligation" to deal with this baggage, the "fates".
These conclusions have been drawn after long researches made by many therapists, psychologists in their trans-generational researches and are now quite well known, thanks to the method of family constellations, the method created by Bert Hellinger.

Results after each session:
- Clarity
- Ease
- Reconnecting with the family at soul level
- Finding your place in the family system
- Reconciling with the past
- Liberation
- Harmonious relationships
- Success
- Power
- Courage
- Better Relationship with Self

Throughout the sessions you will be constantly guided and helped on your journey.
The family constellation with symbolic objects allows to represent family members, parts of the inner system, symptoms, dynamics in a business.
In an individual session using symbolic objects: figurines, playmobil, sheets, various objects.

The session can take place physically or online according to preference.

Cluj-Napoca - Strada Nădășel Nr. 60
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1 Person

Individual family constellations with symbolic objects

The price is one person.
Session duration: 2 hours
The session can be held in person or online depending on preference.

550 LEI
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