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Oh, no! One of the naughty elves hid Santa's list and now Christmas is in danger. Santa doesn't have an online backup of the list, nor can he rely on his memory, so he no longer knows who's on the list of people who have been good or bad in the past year. He calls on you, the North Pole Police Department, and gives you the most important mission of the year: to find the List and who the culprit is.

Santa has a list of potential suspects, some elves who have done some not-so-nice things. Could it be Robin, the one who sorts the letters? She once created Santa a Tinder profile... Or maybe Yule, the stable boss, who fed the reindeer something that made them gassy for a month.

Either way, you're expected on duty in uniform (a Christmas sweater) to find Santa's list in time. And as a bonus, maybe you'll be the ones to put a name on Santa's list yourself. You'll have the chance to inspect Santa's House, find incriminating evidence and get past the evidence left behind by the elf in a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Available in Romanian and English
Complexity: Medium
Recommended for large groups, 4+ people, but can also be tried by small groups who want a challenge.
Minimum age to participate unaccompanied by adults: 14 years old

Tags: feel good, Christmas, holiday game, electronic puzzles

If you have booked the 20:30 and 20:45 slots and the team is late, you will be charged a 30 lei/team fee at the venue. Thank you for your understanding!

Experience Rules

Access to the game is by reservation only.
Please make your reservation at least 2 hours before the game starts.
Players are requested to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of the game.
The game can also be played by non-English speakers.
Comfortable, Christmas-themed clothing is recommended.

Cluj-Napoca - Strada Observatorului, Nr. 90
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