BRAND MINDS 2023 - The Global Thinkers Business Summit in Bucharest

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Jun 02 - Jun 03
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🔝 Join the biggest business summit in Central & Eastern Europe.
🔝 +7000 Attendees from +80 countries are expected to BRAND MINDS in 2023: CEOs, Top Executives, HR Managers, Marketing & Sales Specialists, Entrepreneurs & teams from +500 Top Companies.
🔝 World-Famous thinkers & business experts will shared outstanding ideas & insights in an immersive & unforgettable experience:

DAY 1 | JUNE 2nd, 2023:
✅ TOP PERFORMANCE: The Tactics & Disciplines of World-Class Performers - with Tim Ferriss, Bestselling Business Author & Host of "The Tim Ferriss Show".
✅ PERSONAL LEADERSHIP: Atomic Habits that help you achieve your goals - with James Clear, bestselling author of Atomic Habits.
✅ MARKETING: Digital strategies to reach thousands of customers - with Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Expert.
✅ TEAM MANAGEMENT: Frameworks to build successful teams with Lynda Gratton, Future of Work expert at London Business School.
✅ SALES STRATEGY: Tactics on how to close big clients - with Blair Singer, Sales Expert with over 200.000 sales trainings with teams from Top Companies.
✅ BUSINESS STRATEGY: Business tactics that will win in any industry - with Renée Mauborgne, bestselling author of Blue Ocean Strategy awarded as the #1 Management Thinker in the world.
✅ DECISION MAKING: Understand the risks you take in business - with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan & Antifragile.
✅ INNOVATION: How A.I. will impact the future of work - With Anne-Marie Imafidon, Tech Leadership Expert.

DAY 2 | JUNE 3rd, 2023
✅ INNOVATION & DESIGN THINKING MASTERCLASS: 8 behaviors that will increase creativity in your team - with Duncan Wardle - Innovation Expert & Former Creative Director @ Disney.

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