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"There's only one way to have it all, ask for nothing"
A story inspired by real events.
A darkly humorous drama dealing with a dark and controversial subject: suicide.
At first glance...
A girl who thinks she's done it all and life has nothing left to offer her, a guy who thinks everyone and everything around him is fake. A love story that comes at the most inopportune time.
Julie and August meet in the most unexpected place and set off on the last journey of their lives: snow, fjords and chasms, a day and night where they choose whether to live or die.
Or maybe...
Julie is admitted to a psychiatric hospital and her roommate, not even named August, teases her and stretches her nerves to the limit.
It's all just going on in the mind of a sick and lonely man who needs help.
How many times have you thought that you're alone, how many times have you lived with the impression that nothing is going to change?
What do you do if you're caught up in this macabre dance of suicidal thoughts?
Where is the salvation?
"Norway Today" by Igor Bauersima, the play that won the award for best contemporary drama. Based on real events, it has an exceptional adaptation that transports us into a parallel world where possibilities, real and imaginary plans intertwine giving rise to new questions, answers and an ending that is sure to surprise you.
Suicide an act of courage or cowardice?
Black humour
Cast: Alexandra Branza, Adrian Pantelimon
Directed by Florin Fratila
Running time: 1h 25

București - Strada Smârdan 5- FF Theatre
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