What's the deal with public speaking? Tips & Tricks from Bob Rădulescu

Starting Nov 23

A workshop addressed to professionals in the field of event moderation, but also other industries that involve public speaking. About, emotions, fear, anxiety and continuous exercise to overcome them. Sometimes more jokingly, often more seriously.

How does this workshop help you?
First, it presents you with a series of clear tools that you can access when you are in the context of public speaking and feel emotions and fear enveloping you, even though 5 minutes earlier you declared yourself completely prepared. And not only that, Bob Rădulescu has prepared many secrets that he has collected over time, from what he has experienced and felt to the full, and now he is ready to share them with you.

About Bogdan Bob Rădulescu:
Bogdan Bob Rădulescu is an actor, entrepreneur, civic leader and active citizen, especially in community, ecological and humanitarian causes. He is an outstanding storyteller, has an incredible imagination and overflowing creativity. • Bob is an ace of improvisation and a creator of stories and legendary characters: Haurentiu and Jancsi ("The 100-Year War") are his two famous online avatars. • He is author or participant in several multimedia artistic projects: Epic Show, Just Push Play, Mircea Bravo and an opinion leader with a huge audience in social networks.

📍 Lake View, Wonderland Cluj Resort, Feleacu,
🗓️ November 23, 2023, 3:30 p.m - 5:30 p.m.

Cluj-Napoca - Wonderland
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What's the deal with public speaking? Tips & Tricks from Bob Rădulescu

The price is for one person.
Come learn the secrets of public speaking.

Nov 23
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