Enduro School - 2 Days at Întorsura Buzăului

Available months: Mar-Nov
Min 3 Days ahead
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3 Days
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The introductory course in the exciting sport of moto is designed for beginners and even for those without any experience in biking. The “Enduro School” is ideal for those who are in search of a new hobby or a new challenge.

With the enduro motorcycle, you can cross rough areas, forest roads, or steep slopes, the route is limited only by the driver's skills. It is a sport that helps you develop high effort capacity, physical skills, and muscle tone. Driving this type of motorcycle requires knowledge of environmental rules.

Access restrictions must be observed in certain mountain or protected areas, and forestry roads must be used in particular, avoiding the crossing of alpine pastures and watercourses to minimize the environmental impact.

Services included: theoretical course, instructors team, enduro motorcycles, protective equipment, endure polygon, fuel, practical examination.

Full enduro equipment is provided: Enduro motorcycles, protective equipment – helmet, enduro jacket, gloves, kneecaps, mandatory equipment: boots, or boots over the ankle.

The location is at the foot of the Ciucas mountains, in the area of Intorsura Buzaului. It is an area with many slopes and large meadows, far from crowding, where any type of vehicle can reach.

The housing will be chosen according to the season, field conditions at the chosen date, and the number of participants.

- Accommodation-double rooms, apartments, table-full boarding house, campfire. The full boarding house fare depends on the location chosen. The price of the experience does not include the cost of accommodation and meals. There is also the possibility of organizing a camp of tents and military kitchen.

For this experience, the number of participants must not exceed 20.


Friday - Day I

- 17:00 check-in;
- 18:00 presentation of equipment, motorcycle controls and technical characteristics, theoretical training, eco rules of conduct, concepts of orientation;
- 20:00 dinner.

Saturday – Day II

- 09:00 breakfast;
- 10:00 – 13:00 initiation site with instructor – exercises for the use of the braking system and the clutch, climbing and descending – 2-3 meetings for each trainee;
- 13:30 lunch;
- 15:00 initiation polygon;
- 17:30 training, polygon enduro - crossing small obstacles, positive and negative slopes - 2-3 meetings per trainee;
- 20:00 dinner;
- 21:00 campfire.

Sunday – Day III
- 09:00 breakfast;
- 10:00 practical examination in enduro polygon – final sample;
- 13:00 meal;
- 14:00 'Best participants' award ceremony.

It is not mandatory to have a driving license.

Întorsura Buzăului
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Enduro School - 2 Days at Întorsura Buzăului

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