Mixing (DJ) courses in Bucharest

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Get into the groove and become the soul of the party with #TheSecretsofDJing

Put on your headphones, it's your turn to take control of the music!
We've broken down the art of DJing into simple lessons for all music lovers and curios alike. Our classes will immerse you in the mystery of turntables and before you know it, you will be spinning pieces and earning your place as the soul of the party.

Introducing "Curious," the DJ course specially created for hobbyists like you who aspire to turn curiosity into a harmonious reality. "Curious" doesn't prepare you to mix on big stages or fancy clubs, but encourages you to explore your passion for music from a pro position. You can consider it your debut as a sound storyteller who creates a story that keeps the dance floor alive from the beginning of the evening until everyone goes home.

From the very first lesson, we'll set off on an engaging, ingenious journey perfectly suited for non-technical music lovers. Whether you want to impress your friends at your next date or have a creative activity to keep you engaged, choose Curious. Under the guidance of our mentors, we will turn your interest into skill and curiosity into passion. Who knows, the next family barbecue might resemble a night in Ibiza.

So - why sit on the sidelines of your own party? With a little help from "Curious," you can set the tone, create memories, and really be the heart of the fun. Sign up and let's make every gathering an unforgettable event!

The equipment on which you will do this course are Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 players, Pioneer DJM 900 mixer, Technics SL 1210 Mk2 turntables and Technics RPDH 1200 headphones. As for software, you will use Serato DJ.

The course will be divided into several lessons:

Lesson 1: Hardware & Software
Details about the equipment used, how it works and what all the buttons do;
How to use Mixing software;

Lesson 2: The Science of BPM
Important details about tempo/bpm;
What is Beatmatching and how to do it;

Lesson 3: Beats, bars & musical phrases
What are "beats" and measures (beats & bars);
How to count "beats" and measures;
Details about musical phrases & song structure;

Lesson 4: Fundamentals of Mixing
What is the concept of "Fluent mixing" and how is it done;
Details on transitions, EQ, filters & effects;
"Bassline Swap" technique;
How to master manual beat matching;

Lesson 5: Organizing music
How to prepare, import and tag parts;
How to import and analyze parts in the software;
How to master manual beat matching;

Lesson 6: How to build your set
How to evaluate and choose pieces for a set;
How do you set the energy level of the set;
The main 3 examples of "Club Set Energy Flow";

Lesson 7: How to work on your set
You apply and practice everything you have learned so far in the course;
You do the recap part and a short Quiz;

Lesson 8: How to record and analyze your set
DJ set recording methods;
How to analyze a DJ set;

Duration: 16 hours

How are the lessons organised?
Lessons take place from Monday to Thursday at pre-arranged intervals between 10:00 and 18:00. Lessons are divided into 2 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson and are held individually or in groups of 2 students.

Are you ready to let the beat go?

Experience Rules

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București - Strada Aurel Vlaicu nr 20
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Mixing Course (DJ) - CURIOUS

Mixing (DJ) courses in Bucharest

The price is for one person.
The price includes 8 lessons.
Duration: 16 hours

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