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The best comedy with and about cops!
The show "FLASH-URI DIN SENS OPUS" adapted from the book of the same name written by Marian Godină presents the journey to adulthood of a young man from Brasov who decides to become a policeman. In addition to the tasty characters and funny stories, the show gives us a glimpse inside this world: the Romanian Police.

Marian Godină's texts are moments (in the most Caragian sense of the word) from everyday life, in which we immediately recognise ourselves and with which anyone can resonate. His characters gradually lose their identities and become exponents of certain social categories: the upstart Romanian who goes to Italy, makes a handsome fortune, buys a second-hand car and breaks laws around the country, posing as a big businessman; the drunk who swears all the time but admits when he's wrong, and whom you can't get angry at. In addition to traffic tickets, Marian also writes texts that abound with humour and that succeed every time in changing the reader's mood for the better, taking him to the point where wiping tears from the eyes becomes mandatory for further reading. Proof of this is the 140,000+ people who have followed his Facebook posts in less than half a year since the first text appeared, as well as the thousands of comments and hits. Flashes from the Opposite Direction is his debut volume.

The language of the stories is frustrated, unfiltered, but all the more authentic, proving that the author has a good ear, faithfully retains details and renders them in a straightforward manner, pressing hard on the (self-)irony pedal. We have before our eyes a sort of mirror of contemporary Romanian society, in which innocents and scoundrels are caught up in the traffic, young people who are puffed up for the sake of a woman or old men who "know how things work in this country".

Petre Cismigiu
Florin Fratila
Eduard Bot
Adrian Pantelimon
Taylan Ozulusal
Teo Dragan
Sebastian Cirstian

Directed by Florin Fratila
Duration 1h 30

București - Strada Smârdan 5- FF Theatre
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